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NIFIND(1)						      General Commands Manual							 NIFIND(1)

nifind - find a directory in the NetInfo hierarchy SYNOPSIS
nifind [ -anvp ] [ -t timeout ] directory [ domain ] DESCRIPTION
nifind searches for the named directory in the NetInfo hierarchy. It starts at the local domain and climbs up through the hierarchy until it reaches the root domain. Any occurrences of directory are reported by directory ID number. If the optional domain argument is given, then nifind stops climbing at that point in the hierarchy. The domain argument must be specified by an absolute or relative domain name. When invoked with the -a option, nifind searches for the named directory in the entire NetInfo hierarchy (or the subtree with domain as the root if domain is specified). The -n option exempts local domains from the search. nifind uses a default two second connection timeout when contacting a domain. The connection timeout can be overridden with the -t option. OPTIONS
-a Search for directory in the entire NetInfo hierarchy. -n Exempt local directories from the search. -p Print directory contents. -t timeout Specify an integer value as the connection timeout (in seconds). -v Produce verbose output. EXAMPLES
% nifind /printers/inky /printers/inky found in /software, id = 202 /printers/inky found in /, id = 357 % nifind -a /machines/mailhost /sales /machines/mailhost found in /sales, id = 234 % nifind -v /users/uid=164 /users/uid=164 not found in /sales/polaris /users/uid=164 not found in /sales /users/uid=164 found in /, id = 451 % nifind -p /machines/mailhost /machines/mailhost found in /sales, id=171 name: zippy mailhost ip_address: /machines/mailhost found in /, id = 350 name: zorba mailhost ip_address: SEE ALSO
netinfo(5) AUTHOR
Marc Majka, Apple Computer Inc. BUGS
nifind does not complain if domain is not an ancestor specified in a normal search. Apple Computer, Inc. August 9, 1994 NIFIND(1)

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asadmin-start-domain(1AS)					   User Commands					 asadmin-start-domain(1AS)

asadmin-start-domain, start-domain - starts the given domain SYNOPSIS
start-domain [--domaindir install_dir/domains] [--terse=false] [--echo=false] [--verbose=false] [--debug] [domain_name] start-domain starts the specified domain. If there is only one domain in the default domain directory (install_dir/domains), then no oper- and is required to start the domain. However, if there is more than one domain, the domain operand must be specified. This command can only be run locally. OPTIONS
--domaindir directory where the domain is to be started. If specified, path must be accessible in the filesystem. If not speci- fied, the domain is started in the default install_dir/domains directory. --terse indicates that any output data must be very concise, typically avoiding human-friendly sentences and favoring well- formatted data for consumption by a script. Default is false. --echo setting to true will echo the command line statement on the standard output. Default is false. --verbose by default this flag is set to false. If set to true, detailed server startup output is displayed. Press CTRL-C to kill the server. Press CTRL- to print a thread dump. --debug by default this flag is set to false. If set to true, the server is started in debug mode and prints the JPDA port on the console. OPERANDS
domain_name name of the domain. Must be a unique name. Example 1: Using start-domain asadmin> start-domain sampleDomain Starting Domain sampleDomain, please wait. Domain sampleDomain started Where: the sampleDomain domain is started. EXIT STATUS
0 command executed successfully 1 error in executing the command asadmin-create-domain(1AS), asadmin-delete-domain(1AS), asadmin-stop-domain(1AS), asadmin-list-domains(1AS) J2EE 1.4 SDK March 2004 asadmin-start-domain(1AS)
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