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MMROFF(1)										MMROFF(1)

       mmroff - reference preprocessor

       mmroff [ -x ] groff_arguments

       mmroff  is a simple preprocessor for groff, it is used for expanding references in mm, see
       groff_mm(7).  groff is executed twice, first with -z and -rRef=1 to collect all references
       and then to do the real processing when the reference file is up to date.

       -x     Just  create the reference file. This can be used to refresh the reference file, it
	      isn't always needed to have accurate references and by using this option groff will
	      only be run once.

       Jorgen Hagg, Lund, Sweden <jh@axis.se>.





       groff_mm(7), groff_mmse(7), groff(1), troff(1), tbl(1), pic(1), eqn(1)

Groff Version 1.18.1			    Nov  2003					MMROFF(1)
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