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HEADERDOC2HTML(1)		   BSD General Commands Manual			HEADERDOC2HTML(1)

     headerdoc2html -- header documentation processor

     headerdoc2html [-HXdhquvx] [-o output_dir] file [file ...]

     Headerdoc2html processes the header file or files and generates HTML documentation based on
     specially-formatted comments.

     The options are as follows:

     -H    The -H option turns on inclusion of the htmlHeader line, as specified in the config

     -X    The -X option switches from HTML to XML output

     -d    The -d option turns on extra debugging output.

     -h    The -h option causes headerdoc to output an XML file containing metadata about the
	   resulting document.

     -q    The -q option causes headerdoc to be excessively quiet.

     -u    The -u option causes headerdoc to produce unsorted output.

     -v    The -v option causes headerdoc to print version information.

     -x    The -x option causes headerdoc to export fils in a format suitable for inclusion in a

     If no options are specified, headerdoc will produce directories containing its standard HTML



     For more information, see the headerdoc documentation.  It can be found in


     if you have the developer tools package installed, or at


     in the developer tools documentation section.

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