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headerdoc2html(1) [opendarwin man page]

HEADERDOC2HTML(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					 HEADERDOC2HTML(1)

headerdoc2html -- header documentation processor SYNOPSIS
headerdoc2html [-HXdhquvx] [-o output_dir] file [file ...] DESCRIPTION
Headerdoc2html processes the header file or files and generates HTML documentation based on specially-formatted comments. The options are as follows: -H The -H option turns on inclusion of the htmlHeader line, as specified in the config file. -X The -X option switches from HTML to XML output -d The -d option turns on extra debugging output. -h The -h option causes headerdoc to output an XML file containing metadata about the resulting document. -q The -q option causes headerdoc to be excessively quiet. -u The -u option causes headerdoc to produce unsorted output. -v The -v option causes headerdoc to print version information. -x The -x option causes headerdoc to export fils in a format suitable for inclusion in a database. If no options are specified, headerdoc will produce directories containing its standard HTML output. FILES
/$HOME/Library/Preferences/ SEE ALSO
gatherheaderdoc(1) For more information, see the headerdoc documentation. It can be found in /Developer/Documentation/DeveloperTools if you have the developer tools package installed, or at in the developer tools documentation section. Darwin June 13, 2003 Darwin

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mxmldoc(1)							   Michael Sweet							mxmldoc(1)

mxmldoc - mini-xml documentation generator SYNOPSIS
mxmldoc --no-output [ filename.xml ] source file(s) ] mxmldoc [ --footer footerfile ] [ --header headerfile ] [ --intro introfile ] [ --section section ] [ --title title ] [ filename.xml ] [ source file(s) ] > filename.html mxmldoc [ --footer footerfile ] [ --framed basename ] [ --header headerfile ] [ --intro introfile ] [ --section section ] [ --title title ] [ filename.xml ] [ source file(s) ] mxmldoc --man manpage [ --footer footerfile ] [ --header headerfile ] [ --intro introfile ] [ --section section ] [ --title title ] [ file- name.xml ] [ source file(s) ] > DESCRIPTION
mxmldoc scans the specified C and C++ source files to produce an XML representation of globally accessible classes, constants, enumera- tions, functions, structures, typedefs, unions, and variables - the XML file is updated as necessary. By default, a HTML representation of the XML file is written to the standard output. Use the --no-output option to disable the HTML output. Man page source can be generated using the --man option. If no source files are specified then the current XML file is converted to the standard output. In general, any C or C++ source code is handled by mxmldoc, however it was specifically written to handle code with documentation that is formatted according to the CUPS Developer Guide which is available at "". OPTIONS
--footer footerfile Inserts the specified file at the bottom of the output documentation. --framed basename Created HTML documentation using frames - one for the table-of-contents and one for the body. --header headerfile Inserts the specified file at the top of the output documentation. --intro introfile Inserts the specified file before the table of contents. --man manpage Generated a man page instead of HTML documentation. --no-output Disables generation of documentation on the standard output. --section section Sets the section/keywords in the output documentation. --title title Sets the title of the output documentation. SEE ALSO
mxml(3), Mini-XML Programmers Manual, COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2003-2008 by Michael Sweet. 26 January 2008 Mini-XML mxmldoc(1)
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