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errno(1)                                                                                                                                  errno(1)

errno - look up errno names and descriptions SYNOPSIS
errno {name-or-code} errno [-ls] [--list] errno [-s] [--search] {word} errno [-S] [--search-all-locales] {word} DESCRIPTION
errno looks up errno macro names, errno codes, and the corresponding descriptions. For example, if given ENOENT on a Linux system, it prints out the code 2 and the description "No such file or directory". If given the code 2, it printes ENOENT and the same description. OPTIONS
-l, --list List all errno values. -s, --search Search for errors whose description contains all the given words (case-insensitive). -S, --search-all-locales Like --search, but searches all installed locales. AUTHOR
Lars Wirzenius SEE ALSO
errno(3) 2012-06-05 errno(1)

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Tcl_SetErrno(3) 					      Tcl Library Procedures						   Tcl_SetErrno(3)


Tcl_SetErrno, Tcl_GetErrno, Tcl_ErrnoId, Tcl_ErrnoMsg - manipulate errno to store and retrieve error codes SYNOPSIS
#include <tcl.h> void Tcl_SetErrno(errorCode) int Tcl_GetErrno() const char * Tcl_ErrnoId() const char * Tcl_ErrnoMsg(errorCode) ARGUMENTS
int errorCode (in) A POSIX error code such as ENOENT. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tcl_SetErrno and Tcl_GetErrno provide portable access to the errno variable, which is used to record a POSIX error code after system calls and other operations such as Tcl_Gets. These procedures are necessary because global variable accesses cannot be made across module bound- aries on some platforms. Tcl_SetErrno sets the errno variable to the value of the errorCode argument C procedures that wish to return error information to their callers via errno should call Tcl_SetErrno rather than setting errno directly. Tcl_GetErrno returns the current value of errno. Procedures wishing to access errno should call this procedure instead of accessing errno directly. Tcl_ErrnoId and Tcl_ErrnoMsg return string representations of errno values. Tcl_ErrnoId returns a machine-readable textual identifier such as "EACCES" that corresponds to the current value of errno. Tcl_ErrnoMsg returns a human-readable string such as "permission denied" that corresponds to the value of its errorCode argument. The errorCode argument is typically the value returned by Tcl_GetErrno. The strings returned by these functions are statically allocated and the caller must not free or modify them. KEYWORDS
errno, error code, global variables Tcl 8.3 Tcl_SetErrno(3)
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