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WSCONS(9)			  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 			WSCONS(9)

     wscons -- machine-independent console support

     The wscons driver provides a machine-independent framework for workstation consoles.  It
     consists of several cooperating modules:

     o	 display adapters (see wsdisplay(9))

     o	 keyboards (see wskbd(9))

     o	 pointers and mice (see wsmouse(9))

     o	 input event multiplexor

     o	 font handling (see wsfont(9))

     o	 terminal emulation (see wsdisplay(9))

     The wscons framework replaces the old rcons workstation framework and the various machine-
     dependent console implementations.

     The wscons subsystem is implemented within the directory sys/dev/wscons.

     wscons(4), cons(9), driver(9), intro(9), wsdisplay(9), wsfont(9), wskbd(9), wsmouse(9)

BSD					 October 7, 2001				      BSD
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