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SELECT(9)			  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 			SELECT(9)

     seldestroy, selinit, selrecord, selnotify -- select and poll subsystem

     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/select.h>

     seldestroy(struct selinfo *sip);

     selinit(struct selinfo *sip);

     selrecord(struct lwp *selector, struct selinfo *sip);

     selnotify(struct selinfo *sip, int events, long knhint);

     selinit() and seldestroy() functions must be used to initialize and destroy the struct
     selinfo.  The seldestroy() function may block.

     selrecord() and selnotify() are used by device drivers to coordinate with the kernel imple-
     mentation of select(2) and poll(2).  Each object that can be polled contains a selinfo
     record.  Device drivers provide locking for the selinfo record.

     selrecord() records that the calling thread is interested in events related to a given
     object.  selrecord() should only be called when the poll routine determines that the object
     is not ready for I/O: there are no events of interest pending.  The check for pending I/O
     and call to selrecord() must be atomic.  Atomicity can be provided by holding the object's
     lock across the test and call to selrecord().  For non-MPSAFE drivers, the global
     kernel_lock is enough to provide atomicity.

     selnotify() is called by the underlying object handling code in order to notify any waiting
     threads that an event of interest has occurred.  The same lock held across the poll method
     and call to selrecord() must be held across the call to selnotify().  The lock prevents an
     event of interest being signalled while a thread is in the process of recording its inter-

     The events indicates which event happen.  Zero may be used if unknown.

     selnotify() also calls KNOTE() passing knhint as an argument.

     The core of the select and poll subsystem implementation is in sys/kern/sys_select.c.  Data
     structures and function prototypes are located in sys/sys/select.h, sys/sys/poll.h and

     poll(2), select(2), knote(9)

BSD					   May 13, 2008 				      BSD
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