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SECMODEL_SUSER(9)		  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 		SECMODEL_SUSER(9)

     secmodel_suser -- super-user security model

     secmodel_suser implements the traditional super-user (root) as the user with effective user-
     id 0.  The super-user is the host administrator, considered to have higher privileges than
     other users.

     secmodel_suser exposes a secmodel_eval(9) evaluation routine to test whether a set of cre-
     dentials can be assimilated to super-user credentials or not.

     The parameters to secmodel_eval(9) are:
     id     the unique identifier of secmodel_suser: "org.netbsd.secmodel.suser"
     what   a string, "is-root".
     arg    the kauth(9) credentials (kauth_cred_t) of the caller.
     ret    a boolean, set by secmodel_suser to true when the credentials are equivalent to
	    super-user, false otherwise.

     If successful, the evaluation returns 0 with the ret argument being either true or false.

     kauth(9), secmodel(9), secmodel_bsd44(9), secmodel_eval(9)

     Elad Efrat <elad@NetBSD.org>

BSD					 December 4, 2011				      BSD
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