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SCANC(9)			  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 			 SCANC(9)

     scanc -- use byte string as lookup table index

     #include <lib/libkern/libkern.h>

     scanc(size_t size, const u_char *cp, const u_char table[], int mask);

     The scanc() function scans the byte string cp, whose length is size.  A character in the
     string is used as an index in the 256-byte table.	If a bitwise-AND of the byte from the ta-
     ble and mask isn't zero or the string is exhausted, the scan stops.

     The scanc() function returns the number of characters skipped.

     The scanc() function emulates a VAX instruction with the same name.

BSD					 November 1, 2011				      BSD
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