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ROUNDUP(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						ROUNDUP(9)

roundup -- macros for counting and rounding SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> size howmany(x, size); size roundup(x, size); size rounddown(x, size); size roundup2(x, size); int powerof2(x); DESCRIPTION
The roundup() and rounddown() macros return an integer from rounding x up and down, respectively, to the next size. The howmany() macro in turn reveals how many times size fits into x, rounding the residual up. The roundup2() macro also rounds up, but with the assumption that size is a power of two. If x is indeed a power of two, powerof2() return 1. RETURN VALUES
The return value is an integer from the respective operation. If x is 0, all macros except powerof2() return 0. The behavior is undefined if size is 0. EXAMPLES
The following example rounds the variable rx to a 32-bit boundary: uint16_t rx; ... rx = roundup2(rx, sizeof(uint32_t)); SEE ALSO
ilog2(3), param(3), imax(9) CAVEATS
All described macros make no assumptions about the type of the parameters. These are implicitly assumed to be unsigned integers. BSD
June 1, 2011 BSD

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PARAM(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  PARAM(3)

param -- common parameters SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> size MAX(size a, size b); size MIN(size a, size b); DESCRIPTION
The <sys/param.h> header includes some common definitions and macros specific to NetBSD. The header is perhaps best characterized as a ker- nel equivalent of <sys/types.h>. The following list summarizes the provided definitions and macros. o First and foremost, the header defines the version of NetBSD. This is defined as #define __NetBSD_Version__ 599004800 /* 5.99.48 */ The general format is ``MMmmrrpp00'', where 'MM' and 'mm' denote the major and minor version, respectively, 'rr' is provided for compatibility, and 'pp' defines the patch level. o Common utility macros such as MAX() and MIN() as well as more specific macros such as STACK(9), ctod(9), mstohz(9), roundup(9), and setbit(9). o Numerous miscellaneous definitions such as limits, constants for the kernel memoryallocators(9), scale factors used by the sched- uler, kthread(9) priorities, and many others. o Definitions provided for historical and compatibility reasons. Examples range from definitions such as ``#define BSD'' to old pri- ority levels used in the kernel. SEE ALSO
bitops(3), cdefs(3), types(3), unistd(3) HISTORY
A <param.h> header appeared already in the Version 4 AT&T UNIX. BSD
April 10, 2011 BSD
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