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IMAX(9) 						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						   IMAX(9)

imax, imin, lmax, lmin, max, min, ulmax, ulmin -- compare integers SYNOPSIS
int imax(int a, int b); int imin(int a, int b); long lmax(long a, long b); long lmin(long a, long b); u_int max(u_int a, u_int b); u_int min(u_int a, u_int b); u_long ulmax(u_long a, u_long b); u_long ulmin(u_long a, u_long b); DESCRIPTION
The imin(), lmin(), min(), and ulmin() functions return whichever argument is algebraically smaller, differing only in their argument and return types: these functions operate on, respectively, natural size, long, unsigned and unsigned long integers. The imax(), lmax(), max(), and ulmax() functions are identical except that they return the algebraically larger argument between a and b. SEE ALSO
ilog2(3) BSD
June 8, 2010 BSD

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CASU(9) 						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						   CASU(9)

casueword, casueword32, casuword, casuword32 -- fetch, compare and store data from user-space SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/systm.h> int casueword(volatile u_long *base, u_long oldval, u_long *oldvalp, u_long newval); int casueword32(volatile uint32_t *base, uint32_t oldval, uint32_t *oldvalp, uint32_t newval); u_long casuword(volatile u_long *base, u_long oldval, u_long newval); uint32_t casuword32(volatile uint32_t *base, uint32_t oldval, uint32_t newval); DESCRIPTION
The casueword functions are designed to perform atomic compare-and-swap operation on the value in the usermode memory of the current process. The casueword routines reads the value from user memory with address base, and compare the value read with oldval. If the values are equal, newval is written to the *base. In case of casueword32() and casueword(), old value is stored into the (kernel-mode) variable pointed by *oldvalp. The userspace value must be naturally aligned. The callers of casuword() and casuword32() functions cannot distinguish between -1 read from userspace and function failure. RETURN VALUES
The casuword() and casuword32() functions return the data fetched or -1 on failure. The casueword() and casueword32() functions return 0 on success and -1 on failure. SEE ALSO
atomic(9), fetch(9), store(9) BSD
October 21, 2014 BSD
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