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NULLOP(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual						 NULLOP(9)

nullop -- dummy functions SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/systm.h> int nullop(void *v); void voidop(void); int enodev(void); int enxio(void); int enoioctl(void); int enosys(void); int eopnotsupp(void); DESCRIPTION
The nullop() function provides a generic ``null operation''. It always returns the value 0. The voidop() function takes no arguments and does nothing. The enodev(), enxio(), enoioctl(), enosys(), and eopnotsupp() functions always fail, returning ENODEV, ENXIO, ENOTTY, ENOSYS, and EOPNOTSUPP, respectively. EXAMPLES
The following example demonstrates a case where nullop() may be useful: uint64_t xc; ... xc = xc_broadcast(0, (xcfunc_t)nullop, NULL, NULL); xc_wait(xc); BSD
July 25, 2010 BSD
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