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CPU_CONFIGURE(9)		  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 		 CPU_CONFIGURE(9)

     cpu_configure -- machine-dependent device autoconfiguration

     #include <sys/systm.h>


     The machine-dependent cpu_configure() is called during system bootstrap to perform the
     machine-dependent portion of device autoconfiguration.  It sets the configuration machinery
     in motion by finding the root bus (``mainbus'').  When this function returns, interrupts
     must be enabled.

     The following tasks are performed by cpu_configure():

	   o   initialize soft interrupts (see softintr(9));

	   o   initialize CPU interrupts and SPLs (see spl(9));

	   o   call config_rootfound() for ``mainbus''; and

	   o   complete any initialization deferred from cpu_startup(9).

     autoconf(9), cpu_startup(9)

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