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CALLBACK(9)			  BSD Kernel Developer's Manual 		      CALLBACK(9)

     callback -- generic callback interface

     #include <sys/callback.h>

     callback_head_init(struct callback_head *ch, int ipl);

     callback_head_destroy(struct callback_head *ch);

     callback_register(struct callback_head *ch, struct callback_entry *ce, void *obj,
	 int (*fn)(struct callback_entry *, void *, void *));

     callback_unregister(struct callback_head *ch, struct callback_entry *ce);

     callback_run_roundrobin(struct callback_head *ch, void *arg);

     The generic callback interface allows lower-level layer code to execute a registered func-
     tion, or set of functions, from the higher-level layer.

     Registered functions must return one of these constants:

		   Indicates that the function call was successful.  The following functions in
		   the chain will be called.

		   Indicates a failure case in the function call.  Any following functions in the
		   chain will not be executed.

     The callback structure callback_head should be initialized and destroyed using the functions
     described below.  This structure contains the list of callback entries and other internal

     The callback_entry structure is an entry, normally associated with the higher-level object.
     It contains the internal data of the callback interface.

     callback_head_init(ch, ipl)
	      Initialize the callback structure specified by ch.  The highest IPL at which this
	      callback can be used is specified by ipl.

	      Destroy the callback structure specified by ch.  The caller must unregister all
	      functions before destroying the callback structure.

     callback_register(ch, ce, obj, fn)
	      Register the callback function in the callback structure specified by ch.  ce
	      should point to the entry structure of the callback object.  The callback object
	      itself is specified by obj.  The function pointer is specified by fn.

     callback_unregister(ch, ce)
	      Unregister the callback function from the structure specified by ch.  The entry
	      should be passed as ce.  This function may block.

     callback_run_roundrobin(ch, arg)
	      Executes all functions registered in the callback structure, specified by ch.  The
	      functions are executed in round-robin fashion.  The value of arg will be passed to
	      the callback functions.

     The callback interface is implemented within the file sys/kern/subr_callback.c.


BSD					 October 28, 2009				      BSD
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