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WSMUXCTL(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			      WSMUXCTL(8)

     wsmuxctl -- configure wsmuxes

     wsmuxctl [-a dev] -f ctldev [-l] [-L] [-r dev]

     The wsmuxctl allows to adding and removing devices connected to a wsmux(4).

     Added and removed devices are specified by a name, not a path name.  Simply use wsmouseN,
     wskbdN, or wsmuxN where N is the number of the device.

     The options are:

     -a dev	Add the specified device to the mux.

     -f ctldev	Specify the control device of the wsmux to operate on.	A number may be given,
		which is then taken to be the number of the mux.

     -l 	List all devices connected to a mux.

     -L 	List all devices connected to a mux and recursively list mux subdevices.

     -r dev	Remove the specified device from the mux.


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