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VGSCAN(8)										VGSCAN(8)

       vgscan - scan all disks for volume groups and rebuild caches

       vgscan  [-d|--debug]  [-h|-?|--help]  [--ignorelockingfailure]  [--mknodes] [-P|--partial]

       vgscan scans all SCSI, (E)IDE disks, multiple devices and a bunch of other disk devices in
       the  system  looking  for  LVM  physical  volumes  and  volume groups.  Define a filter in
       lvm.conf(5) to restrict the scan to avoid a CD ROM, for example.

       In LVM2, vgscans take place automatically; but you might still need to run one  explicitly
       after changing hardware.

       See lvm for common options.

	      Also  checks  the LVM special files in /dev that are needed for active logical vol-
	      umes and creates any missing ones and removes unused ones.

       lvm(8), vgcreate(8), vgchange(8)

Sistina Software UK		 LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09)			VGSCAN(8)
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