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VERIEXECCTL(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			   VERIEXECCTL(8)

     veriexecctl -- manage the Veriexec subsystem

     veriexecctl [-ekv] load [file]
     veriexecctl delete file | mount_point
     veriexecctl dump
     veriexecctl flush
     veriexecctl query file

     The veriexecctl command is used to manipulate Veriexec, the NetBSD file integrity subsystem.

     load [file]
	   Load the fingerprint entries contained in file, if specified, or the default signa-
	   tures file otherwise.

	   This operation is only allowed in learning mode (strict level zero).

	   The following flags are allowed with this command:

	   -e	   Evaluate fingerprint on load, as opposed to when the file is accessed.

	   -k	   Keep the filenames in the entry for more accurate logging.

	   -v	   Enable verbose output.

     delete file | mount_point
	   Delete either a single entry file or all entries on mount_point from being monitored
	   by Veriexec.

     dump  Dump the Veriexec database from the kernel.	Only entries that have the filename will
	   be presented.

	   This can be used to recover a lost database:

		 # veriexecctl dump > /etc/signatures

	   Delete all entries in the Veriexec database.

     query file
	   Query Veriexec for information associated with file: Filename, mount, fingerprint,
	   fingerprint algorithm, evaluation status, and entry type.

     /dev/veriexec    Veriexec pseudo-device
     /etc/signatures  default signatures file

     veriexec(4), veriexec(5), security(7), veriexec(8), veriexecgen(8)

     veriexecctl first appeared in NetBSD 2.0.

     Brett Lymn <blymn@NetBSD.org>
     Elad Efrat <elad@NetBSD.org>

     The kernel is expected to have the ``veriexec'' pseudo-device.

BSD					 August 31, 2008				      BSD
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