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STRING2KEY(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			    STRING2KEY(8)

     string2key -- map a password into a key

     string2key [-5 | --version5] [-4 | --version4] [-a | --afs] [-c cell | --cell=cell] [-w
		password | --password=password] [-p principal | --principal=principal] [-k string
		| --keytype=string] password

     string2key performs the string-to-key function.  This is useful when you want to handle the
     raw key instead of the password.  Supported options:

     -5, --version5
	     Output Kerberos v5 string-to-key

     -4, --version4
	     Output Kerberos v4 string-to-key

     -a, --afs
	     Output AFS string-to-key

     -c cell, --cell=cell
	     AFS cell to use

     -w password, --password=password
	     Password to use

     -p principal, --principal=principal
	     Kerberos v5 principal to use

     -k string, --keytype=string

	     print version


BSD					  March 4, 2000 				      BSD
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