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pvremove(8) [netbsd man page]

PVREMOVE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       PVREMOVE(8)

pvremove - remove a physical volume SYNOPSIS
pvremove [-d|--debug] [-f[f]|--force [--force]] [-h|--help] [-t|--test] [-v[v]|--verbose [--verbose]] [-y|--yes] PhysicalVolume [Physi- calVolume...] DESCRIPTION
pvremove wipes the label on a device so that LVM will no longer recognise it as a physical volume. OPTIONS
See lvm for common options. SEE ALSO
lvm(8), pvcreate(8), pvdisplay(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09) PVREMOVE(8)
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