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NEWFS_SYSVBFS(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual			 NEWFS_SYSVBFS(8)

     newfs_sysvbfs -- construct a new System V Boot File System

     newfs_sysvbfs [-FZ] [-s sectors] special

     newfs_sysvbfs builds a System V boot file system on the specified special.  If it is a
     device, the size information will be taken from the disk label and before running
     newfs_sysvbfs the disk must be labeled using disklabel(8); the proper fstype is ``SysVBFS''.
     Otherwise, the size must be specified on the command line.

     The following arguments are supported:

     -F 	 Create file system to a regular file.

     -s sectors  Create file system with specified number of disk sectors.

     -Z 	 Fill file with zeroes instead of creating a sparse file.

     disklabel(5), disktab(5), disklabel(8), diskpart(8)

     A newfs_sysvbfs command first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

     The sysvbfs support is still experimental and there are few sanity checks.

BSD					  April 9, 2009 				      BSD
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