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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for mmcformat (netbsd section 8)

MMCFORMAT(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			     MMCFORMAT(8)

     mmcformat -- format optical media

     mmcformat [-BDFGHhIMOpRrSsw] [-b blockingnr] [-c cert-num] special

     The mmcformat utility formats optical media conforming to the MMC standard.  This includes
     CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray (BD) media.

     The options are as follows:

     -B 	      Blank media when possible before formatting it.

     -b blockingnr    Explicitly select packet size in sectors (for CD-RW only).  It is not rec-
		      ommended to change this from its default of 32.

     -c cert-num      Certify media for DVD-RAM / DV-RE.  The argument cert-num specifies:

			    0		  no certification

			    1		  full certification

			    2		  quick certification

     -D 	      Debug mode.  Print all SCSI/ATAPI command errors.

     -F 	      Format media.

     -G 	      Grow last CD-RW/DVD-RW session.

     -H 	      Show help and print formatting choices for the inserted media.

     -h 	      Show help and print formatting choices for the inserted media.

     -I 	      Show help and print formatting choices for the inserted media.

     -M 	      Select MRW (Mount Rainier) error correcting background format.

     -O 	      Old style CD-RW formatting; recommended for CD-RW.

     -p 	      Explicitly set packet format.

     -R 	      Restart previously stopped MCD-MRW or DVD+RW background format.

     -r 	      Recompile defect list for DVD-RAM.

     -S 	      Grow spare space DVD-RAM / BD-RE.

     -s 	      Format DVD+MRW / BD-RE with extra spare space.

     -w 	      Wait until completion of background format.

     Due to the enormous varieties in optical media, mmcformat is made as generic as possible.
     This can result in confusion.

	   mmcformat -B -O /dev/rcd0d

     Blanks and then formats a CD-RW disc using the ``old style'' format command.  It is recom-
     mended to use this ``old style'' command unless your drive reports that it's not supported;
     in that case, resort to the default -F.  Note that a CD-RW disc can be reformatted without
     being blanked.  Blanking switches between sequential and fixed packet writing by erasing the
     disc.  This can also help to revive old discs.

	   mmcformat -F -M /dev/rcd0d

     Format a CD-RW or a DVD+RW to use MRW (Mount Rainier).  This format tries to hide media
     flaws as much as possible by relocation.


     The mmcformat command first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

     Reinoud Zandijk <reinoud@NetBSD.org>

     mmcformat could be merged with scsictl(8) but that tool is very hard disk oriented.

BSD					   May 9, 2008					      BSD

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