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lvscan(8) [netbsd man page]

LVSCAN(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 LVSCAN(8)

lvscan - scan (all disks) for logical volumes SYNOPSIS
lvscan [-b|--blockdevice] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure] [-P|--partial] [-v|--verbose] DESCRIPTION
lvscan scans all known volume groups or all supported LVM block devices in the system for defined logical volumes. OPTIONS
See lvm for common options. -b, --blockdevice Adds the device major and minor numbers to the display of each logical volume. SEE ALSO
lvm(8), lvcreate(8), lvdisplay(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09) LVSCAN(8)

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LVSCAN(8)                                                     System Manager's Manual                                                    LVSCAN(8)

lvscan - scan (all disks) for Logical Volumes SYNOPSIS
lvscan [-a|--all] [-b|--blockdevice] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [--ignorelockingfailure] [-P|--partial] [-v|--verbose] DESCRIPTION
lvscan scans all known volume groups or all supported LVM block devices in the system for defined Logical Volumes. The output consists of one line for each Logical Volume indicating whether or not it is active, a snapshot or origin, the size of the device and its allocation policy. Use lvs(8) or lvdisplay(8) to obtain more-comprehensive information about the Logical Volumes. OPTIONS
See lvm for common options. --all Include information in the output about internal Logical Volumes that are components of normally-accessible Logical Volumes, such as mirrors, but which are not independently accessible (e.g. not mountable). For example, after creating a mirror using 'lvcreate -m1 --mirrorlog disk', this option will reveal three internal Logical Volumes, with suffixes mimage_0, mimage_1, and mlog. -b, --blockdevice This option is now ignored. Instead, use lvs(8) or lvdisplay(8) to obtain the device number. SEE ALSO
lvm(8), lvcreate(8), lvdisplay(8) lvs(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.95(2) (2012-03-06) LVSCAN(8)
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