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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for lvconvert (netbsd section 8)

LVCONVERT(8)									     LVCONVERT(8)

       lvconvert - convert a logical volume from linear to mirror or snapshot

       lvconvert -m|--mirrors Mirrors [--mirrorlog {disk|core}] [--corelog] [-R|--regionsize Mir-
       rorLogRegionSize] [-A|--alloc AllocationPolicy] [-b|--background] [-i|--interval  Seconds]
       [-h|-?|--help] [-v|--verbose] [--version]
       LogicalVolume[Path] [PhysicalVolume[Path]...]

       lvconvert   -s|--snapshot   [-c|--chunksize   ChunkSize]   [-h|-?|--help]   [-v|--verbose]
       [-Z|--zero y|n] [--version]
       OriginalLogicalVolume[Path] SnapshotLogicalVolume[Path]

       lvconvert will change a linear logical volume to a mirror logical volume or to a  snapshot
       of  linear volume and vice versa.  It is also used to add and remove disk logs from mirror

       See lvm for common options.
       Exactly one of --mirrors or --snapshot arguments required.

       -m, --mirrors Mirrors
	      Specifies the degree of the mirror you wish to create.  For example, "-m	1"  would
	      convert  the  original  logical  volume to a mirror volume with 2-sides; that is, a
	      linear volume plus one copy.

       --mirrorlog {disk|core}
	      Specifies the type of log to use.  The default is disk,  which  is  persistent  and
	      requires	a  small  amount  of storage space, usually on a separate device from the
	      data being mirrored.  Core may be useful for short-lived mirrors: It means the mir-
	      ror  is  regenerated by copying the data from the first device again every time the
	      device is activated - perhaps, for example, after every reboot.

	      The optional argument "--corelog" is the same as specifying "--mirrorlog core".

       -R, --regionsize MirrorLogRegionSize
	      A mirror is divided into regions of this size (in MB), and the mirror log uses this
	      granularity to track which regions are in sync.

       -b, --background
	      Run the daemon in the background.

       -i, --interval Seconds
	      Report progress as a percentage at regular intervals.

       -s, --snapshot
	      Create  a snapshot from existing logical volume using another existing logical vol-
	      ume as its origin.

       -c, --chunksize ChunkSize
	      Power of 2 chunk size for the snapshot logical volume between 4k and 512k.

       -Z, --zero y|n
	      Controls zeroing of the first KB of data in the snapshot.  If the volume	is  read-
	      only the snapshot will not be zeroed.

       "lvconvert -m1 vg00/lvol1"
       converts the linear logical volume "vg00/lvol1" to a two-way mirror logical volume.

       "lvconvert --mirrorlog core vg00/lvol1"
       converts a mirror with a disk log to a mirror with an in-memory log.

       "lvconvert --mirrorlog disk vg00/lvol1"
       converts a mirror with an in-memory log to a mirror with a disk log.

       "lvconvert -m0 vg00/lvol1"
       converts a mirror logical volume to a linear logical volume.

       "lvconvert -s vg00/lvol1 vg00/lvol2"
       converts logical volume "vg00/lvol2" to snapshot of original volume "vg00/lvol1"

       lvm(8),	vgcreate(8),  lvremove(8),  lvrename(8),  lvextend(8), lvreduce(8), lvdisplay(8),

Red Hat, Inc			 LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09)		     LVCONVERT(8)

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