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IASL(8) 			   BSD System Manager's Manual				  IASL(8)

     iasl -- Intel ASL compiler and disassembler (iASL)

     iasl [options] <input file>

     The iasl is a fully-featured compiler for the ACPI Source Language (ASL).	It translates ASL
     to ACPI Machine Language (AML), but iasl can also act as a disassembler, translating AML to

	 -@ file       Specify command file.
	 -I dir        Specify additional include directory.

   General Output
	 -p prefix     Specify a path or filename prefix for all output files.
	 -va	       Disable all errors and warnings in the summary.
	 -vi	       Use less verbose errors and warnings.
	 -vo	       Enable optimization comments.
	 -vr	       Disable remarks.
	 -vs	       Disable signon.
	 -w 1 | 2 | 3  Set warning reporting level.

   AML Output Files
	 -s a | c      Create AML in assembler (*.asm) or C (*.c) source file.
	 -i a | c      Create assembler (*.inc) or C (*.h) include file.
	 -t a | c      Create AML in assembler or C hex table (*.hex).

   AML Code Generation
	 -oa	       Disable all optimizations (compatibility mode).
	 -of	       Disable constant folding.
	 -oi	       Disable integer optimization to operation codes.
	 -on	       Disable named reference string optimization.
	 -r revision   Override table header revision (1-255).

	 -l	       Create mixed, ASL and AML, listing file (*.lst).
	 -ln	       Create namespace file (*.nsp).
	 -ls	       Create combined source file (*.src).

   AML Disassembler
	 -d file       Disassemble binary ACPI table to a file (*.dsl).
	 -dc file      Disassemble AML and immediately compile it.
	 -e f1, f2     Include ACPI table(s) for external symbol resolution.
	 -2	       Emit ACPI 2.0 compatible ASL code.
	 -g	       Get ACPI tables and write to files (*.dat).

	 -h	       Display additional help and compiler debug options.
	 -hc	       Display operators allowed in constant expressions.
	 -hr	       Display ACPI reserved method names.

     acpi(4), acpidump(8), amldb(8)

     Intel Corporation, iASL Compiler/Disassembler User Reference, Revision 2.00,
     http://www.acpica.org/download/aslcompiler.pdf, September 18, 2009.

     The iasl compiler/disassembler is part of the Intel ACPI Component Architecture (ACPICA).
     It first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

     Among Intel engineers, Robert Moore <robert.moore@intel.com> was the chief architect behind
     iasl.  This manual page was written for NetBSD by Jukka Ruohonen <jruohonen@iki.fi>.

BSD					  April 10, 2010				      BSD
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