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hdaudioctl(8) [netbsd man page]

HDAUDIOCTL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     HDAUDIOCTL(8)

hdaudioctl -- program to manipulate hdaudio(4) devices. SYNOPSIS
hdaudioctl [-f device] command [arguments] DESCRIPTION
The hdaudioctl command can be used to inspect and reconfigure High Definition Audio devices and their child codecs. The mandatory command argument specifies the action to take. Valid commands are: list For each child codec of the chosen hdaudio(4) device, display the nid, vendor, product, subsystem and device IDs. get codecid nid Retrieve and display the current codec configuration as a proplib(3) XML plist. set codecid nid [plist] Detach the specified hdafg(4) codec and then re-attach with its widgets explicitly configured according to the specified plist. If no plist is given, the in-built widget parsing rules based on the High Definition Audio specification will be used. graph codecid nid Output a DOT file suitable processing by graphviz. The resulting image will graphically show the structure and intercon- nections of the widgets that form the chosen hdafg(4) codec. FILES
/dev/hdaudioX control devices SEE ALSO
audio(4), hdaudio(4), pkgsrc/graphics/graphviz HISTORY
The hdaudioctl command first appeared in NetBSD 5.1. AUTHORS
hdaudioctl is based on two separate programs written by Jared McNeill <> under contract by Precedence Technologies Ltd <>. Integration into one program and writing this manual page was done by Stephen Borrill <>. CAVEATS
When a plist is loaded and the hdafg(4) codec reattaches, all mixer controls will be returned to their default values. BSD
October 6, 2009 BSD

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