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dumplfs(8) [netbsd man page]

DUMPLFS(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						DUMPLFS(8)

dumplfs -- dump file system information SYNOPSIS
dumplfs [-adiS] [-b blkno] [-I blkno] [-s segno] filesys | device DESCRIPTION
dumplfs prints out the file system layout information for the LFS file system or special device specified. The listing is very long and detailed. This command is useful mostly for finding out certain file system information such as the file system block size. The following flags are interpreted by dumplfs. -a Dump the contents of all superblocks, not just the first. Superblocks appear in the dumplfs output with the segment containing them. -b Use the block specified immediately after the flag as the super block for the filesystem. -d Check partial segment data checksums and report mismatches. This makes dumplfs operate much more slowly. -I Use the block specified immediately after the flag as the inode block containing the index file inode. -i Dump information about the inode free list. -S Dump information about the segment table. -s Add the segment number immediately following the flag to a list of segments to dump. This flag may be specified more than once to dump more than one segment. The default is to dump all segments. SEE ALSO
disktab(5), fs(5), disklabel(8), newfs_lfs(8) HISTORY
The dumplfs command appeared in 4.4BSD. BSD
June 13, 2000 BSD

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FFSINFO(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						FFSINFO(8)

ffsinfo -- dump all meta information of an existing ufs file system SYNOPSIS
ffsinfo [-g cylinder_group] [-i inode] [-l level] [-o outfile] special | file DESCRIPTION
The ffsinfo utility extends the dumpfs(8) utility. The output is appended to the file outfile. Also expect the output file to be rather large. Up to 2 percent of the size of the specified file system is not uncommon. The following options are available: -g cylinder_group This restricts the dump to information about this cylinder group only. Here 0 means the first cylinder group and -1 the last one. -i inode This restricts the dump to information about this particular inode only. Here the minimum acceptable inode is 2. If this option is omitted but a cylinder group is defined then only inodes within that cylinder group are dumped. -l level The level of detail which will be dumped. This value defaults to 255 and is the ``bitwise or'' of the following table: 0x001 initial superblock 0x002 superblock copies in each cylinder group 0x004 cylinder group summary in initial cylinder group 0x008 cylinder group information 0x010 inode allocation bitmap 0x020 fragment allocation bitmap 0x040 cluster maps and summary 0x100 inode information 0x200 indirect block dump -o outfile This sets the output filename where the dump is written to, and must be specified. If - is provided, output will be sent to stdout. EXAMPLES
ffsinfo -o /var/tmp/ffsinfo -l 1023 /dev/vinum/testvol will dump /dev/vinum/testvol to /var/tmp/ffsinfo with all available information. SEE ALSO
disklabel(8), dumpfs(8), fsck(8), growfs(8), gvinum(8), newfs(8), tunefs(8) HISTORY
The ffsinfo utility first appeared in FreeBSD 4.4. AUTHORS
Christoph Herrmann <> Thomas-Henning von Kamptz <> The GROWFS team <growfs@Tomsoft.COM> BUGS
Snapshots are handled like plain files. They should get their own level to provide for independent control of the amount of what gets dumped. It probably also makes sense to some extend to dump the snapshot as a file system. BSD
September 8, 2000 BSD
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