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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for dnssec-verify (netbsd section 8)


       dnssec-verify - DNSSEC zone verification tool

       dnssec-verify [-c class] [-E engine] [-I input-format] [-o origin] [-v level] [-x] [-z]

       dnssec-verify verifies that a zone is fully signed for each algorithm found in the DNSKEY
       RRset for the zone, and that the NSEC / NSEC3 chains are complete.

       -c class
	   Specifies the DNS class of the zone.

       -I input-format
	   The format of the input zone file. Possible formats are "text" (default) and "raw".
	   This option is primarily intended to be used for dynamic signed zones so that the
	   dumped zone file in a non-text format containing updates can be verified
	   independently. The use of this option does not make much sense for non-dynamic zones.

       -o origin
	   The zone origin. If not specified, the name of the zone file is assumed to be the

       -v level
	   Sets the debugging level.

	   Only verify that the DNSKEY RRset is signed with key-signing keys. Without this flag,
	   it is assumed that the DNSKEY RRset will be signed by all active keys. When this flag
	   is set, it will not be an error if the DNSKEY RRset is not signed by zone-signing
	   keys. This corresponds to the -x option in dnssec-signzone.

	   Ignore the KSK flag on the keys when determining whether the zone if correctly signed.
	   Without this flag it is assumed that there will be a non-revoked, self-signed DNSKEY
	   with the KSK flag set for each algorithm and that RRsets other than DNSKEY RRset will
	   be signed with a different DNSKEY without the KSK flag set.

	   With this flag set, we only require that for each algorithm, there will be at least
	   one non-revoked, self-signed DNSKEY, regardless of the KSK flag state, and that other
	   RRsets will be signed by a non-revoked key for the same algorithm that includes the
	   self-signed key; the same key may be used for both purposes. This corresponds to the
	   -z option in dnssec-signzone.

	   The file containing the zone to be signed.

       dnssec-signzone(8), BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual, RFC 4033.

       Internet Systems Consortium

       Copyright (C) 2012 Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")

BIND9					  April 12, 2012			 DNSSEC-VERIFY(8)

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