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DMCTL(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				 DMCTL(8)

     dmctl -- manipulate device-mapper driver command


     dmctl works with the device-mapper kernel driver.	It can send and receive information and
     commands from the dm driver.

	   version    Print driver and lib version.
	   targets    List available kernel targets.
	   create     Create device with [dm device name].
	   ls	      List existing dm devices.
	   info       Get info about device with [dm device name].
	   rename     Rename device with [dm device name] to [dm device new name].
	   remove     Remove device with [dm device name].
	   resume     Resume IO on dm device [dm device name].
	   suspend    Suspend IO on dm device [dm device name].
	   deps       Print physical dependiences for dm device [dm device name].
	   reload     Switch active and passive tables for [dm device name].
	   status     Print status for device with [dm device name].
	   table      Print active table for device with [dm device name].

     dm(3), dm(4)

     The dmctl was written and contributed to NetBSD by Adam Hamsik and first appeared in
     NetBSD 6.0.

BSD					 January 23, 2011				      BSD
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