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DKSCAN_BSDLABEL(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual		       DKSCAN_BSDLABEL(8)

     dkscan_bsdlabel -- program to create wedges from a BSD disklabel

     dkscan_bsdlabel [-nv] device

     dkscan_bsdlabel scans a disk for a BSD disklabel, which does not need to be the label vari-
     ant used on the architecture currently running, or even the same endianess.

     The following options are supported:
     -n      No execution - list the wedges, but do not create them.
     -v      Be more verbose - print additional information.
     The argument device specifices the disk on which the disklabel is scanned and to which the
     wedges are added.

	   dkscan_bsdlabel -v wd1
     Create wedges from all recognized partitions on wd1

     dk(4), disklabel(5), dkctl(8)

     The dkscan_bsdlabel command first appeared in NetBSD 5.0.

     Martin Huseman wrote the dkscan_bsdlabel utility.	It is reusing a lot of kernel code writ-
     ten by Jason R. Thorpe.

BSD					February 27, 2007				      BSD
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