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DEV_MKDB(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual			      DEV_MKDB(8)

     dev_mkdb -- create /dev database

     dev_mkdb [-c] [-o database] [directory]

     The dev_mkdb command creates a cdbr(3) database in ``/var/run/dev.cdb'' which contains the
     names of all of the character and block special files in the specified directory, using the
     file type and the st_rdev field as the key.  If no directory is specified, the ``/dev''
     directory is used.

     Keys are a structure containing a mode_t followed by a dev_t, with any padding zero'd out.
     The former is the type of the file (st_mode & S_IFMT), the latter is the st_rdev field.

     The options are as follows:

     -c      Create a db(3) database for compatibility with libc versions and statically linked
	     programs from before NetBSD 6.0.  The default name is ``/var/run/dev.db''.

     -o database
	     Put the output databases in the named file.

     /dev	      Device directory.
     /var/run/dev.db  Database file.

     ps(1), stat(2), db(3), devname(3), kvm_nlist(3), ttyname(3), kvm_mkdb(8)

     The dev_mkdb command appeared in 4.4BSD.

BSD					   June 1, 2012 				      BSD
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