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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for cnwctl (netbsd section 8)

CNWCTL(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				CNWCTL(8)

     cnwctl -- display statistics and control Netwave AirSurfer PC Cards

     cnwctl [-d domain] [-i interface] [-k scramble-key] [-sS [rate]]

     The cnwctl utility is used to control Netwave AirSurfer PC Cards as well as display statis-
     tics.  The following options are available:

     -d      Set the domain of the card to domain.  The domain must be between 0x000 and 0x1ff.
	     The domains 0x000 through 0x0ff are for access to an add-hoc network.  The domains
	     0x100 through 0x1ff are for access to a Netwave Access Point.  The default domain is
	     0x000.  A card may only talk to the access point in its domain, or other cards in
	     its add-hoc domain.

     -i      Use interface as the interface rather than cnw0.

     -k      Set the scramble key to scramble-key.  The scramble key must be between 0x0000 and
	     0xffff.  Both the source and the destination must use the same scramble key in order
	     to communicate.

     -s      Display statistics.  When the optional argument rate (which must be the last argu-
	     ment to the end of the command line) is specified as a non-zero value, statistics
	     will be displayed every rate seconds.  At the top of each ``page'' of statistics,
	     column labels will be displayed.  The first row of statistics will be totals since
	     boot, subsequent lines are deltas from the previous row.  If rate is not specified,
	     or is 0 (zero), a single page of statistics will be displayed.  These statistics are
	     more detailed and include:

	     domain  The domain this card is part of.

	     rx      Number of packets received.

		     Number of overflows detected.

		     Number of overruns detected.

		     Number of CRC errors detected.  Random noise can cause these errors.

		     Number of framing errors detected.

		     Number of generic errors detected.

		     Number of times a packet was available.

	     tx      Number of packets requested to be sent.

	     txokay  Number of packets sent.

		     Number of packets aborted (not sent within 9 tries).

		     Number of times carrier detect was lost.

		     Number of generic transmit errors detected.

		     Total number of retries.

	     Nx retries
		     Number of packets which were retried N times.

     -S      Display status read from the hardware.  This option is only available to the super
	     user.  The rate argument is used as with the -s option.  The following fields are

	     link integrity field (lif)
		     A 0 value implies no links.

	     connection quality (cq)
		     Probably indicates the quality of the connection to the access point.

	     spu     Unknown meaning.

	     link quality (lq)
		     Probably indicated the quality of the link to the access point.

	     hhc     Unknown meaning.

	     mhs     Unknown meaning.

		     The revision numbers of the card.

	     id      The ID of the card.


BSD					 January 5, 1997				      BSD

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