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AMRCTL(8)			   BSD System Manager's Manual				AMRCTL(8)

     amrctl -- Control utility for AMI MegaRaid controllers

     amrctl stat [-bgv] [-a attempts] [-f device] [-l volno] [-p driveno] [-s busno]
	    [-s busno:driveno] [-t microseconds]

     The amrctl queries or controls AMI MegaRaid controllers supported by the amr(4) driver.

     Only the stat subcommand is currently implemented, and reports status of the controller.
     The options for the stat subcommand are as follows:

	   -a attempts	Number of retries for a command before giving up.  Default 5.

	   -b		Report battery status.

	   -f device	Device to use.	Default to /dev/amr0.

	   -g		Report global paramters for the controller.

	   -l volno	Report status of a logical drive.

	   -p driveno	Report status of a physical drive.

	   -s busno	Report status of all physical drives on the specified bus.

	   -s busno:driveno
			Report status of the specified physical drive on the specified bus.

	   -t microseconds
			Delay between retries for a command.

	   -v		Increase verbosity level by one.


     The amrctl command first appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

     The amrctl command was written by Pierre David <Pierre.David@crc.u-strasbg.fr> and
     Jung-uk Kim <jkim@FreeBSD.org> for FreeBSD.

BSD					  July 22, 2006 				      BSD
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