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WTF(6)					 BSD Games Manual				   WTF(6)

     wtf -- translates acronyms for you

     wtf [-f dbfile] [is] acronym ...

     The wtf utility displays the expansion of the acronyms specified on the command line.  If
     the acronym is not in any of the acronyms databases, wtf will check to see if the acronym is
     known by whatis(1), pkg_info(1), or via pkgsrc's internal help mechanism, ``make help

     If ``is'' is specified on the command line, it will be ignored, allowing the fairly natural
     ``wtf is WTF'' usage.

     The following options are available:

     -f dbfile
	   Overrides the default acronym database, bypassing the value of the ACRONYMDB variable.

     ACRONYMDB	The default acronym database may be overridden by setting the environment vari-
		able ACRONYMDB to the name of one or more space-separated file names of acronym
		databases.  The files must be in the proper format (acronym[tab]meaning).

     /usr/share/misc/acronyms	    default acronym database.
     /usr/share/misc/acronyms.comp  computer-related acronym database.

     make(1), pkg_info(1), whatis(1)

     wtf first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

BSD					  July 27, 2007 				      BSD
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