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CAESAR(6)				 BSD Games Manual				CAESAR(6)

     caesar, rot13 -- decrypt caesar ciphers

     caesar [rotation]

     The caesar utility attempts to decrypt caesar ciphers using English letter frequency statis-
     tics.  caesar reads from the standard input and writes to the standard output.

     The optional numerical argument rotation may be used to specify a specific rotation value.

     The frequency (from most common to least) of English letters is as follows:


     Their frequencies as a percentage are as follows:

	   E(13), T(10.5), A(8.1),  O(7.9),  N(7.1),  R(6.8),  I(6.3),	S(6.1),  H(5.2),  D(3.8),
	   L(3.4),  F(2.9),  C(2.7), M(2.5), U(2.4), G(2), P(1.9), Y(1.9), W(1.5), B(1.4), V(.9),
	   K(.4), X(.15), J(.13), Q(.11), Z(.07).

     Rotated postings to USENET and some of the databases used by the fortune(6) program are
     rotated by 13 characters.

BSD					November 16, 1993				      BSD
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