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ARITHMETIC(6)							 BSD Games Manual						     ARITHMETIC(6)

arithmetic -- quiz on simple arithmetic SYNOPSIS
arithmetic [-o +-x/] [-r range] DESCRIPTION
arithmetic asks you to solve problems in simple arithmetic. Each question must be answered correctly before going on to the next. After every 20 problems, it prints the score so far and the time taken. You can quit at any time by typing the interrupt or end-of-file character. The options are as follows: -o By default, arithmetic asks questions on addition of numbers from 0 to 10, and corresponding subtraction. By supplying one or more of the characters +-x/, you can ask for problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, respectively. If you give one of these characters more than once, that kind of problem will be asked correspondingly more often. -r If a range is supplied, arithmetic selects the numbers in its problems in the following way. For addition and multiplication, the numbers to be added or multiplied are between 0 and range, inclusive. For subtraction and division, both the required result and the number to divide by or subtract will be between 0 and range. (Of course, arithmetic will not ask you to divide by 0.) The default range is 10. When you get a problem wrong, arithmetic will remember the numbers involved, and will tend to select those numbers more often than others, in problems of the same sort. Eventually it will forgive and forget. arithmetic cannot be persuaded to tell you the right answer. You must work it out for yourself. DIAGNOSTICS
``What?'' if you get a question wrong. ``Right!'' if you get it right. ``Please type a number.'' if arithmetic doesn't understand what you typed. SEE ALSO
bc(1), dc(1) BSD
May 31, 1993 BSD

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ARITHMETIC(6)							   Games Manual 						     ARITHMETIC(6)

arithmetic - provide drill in number facts SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/arithmetic [ +-x/ ] [ range ] DESCRIPTION
Arithmetic types out simple arithmetic problems, and waits for an answer to be typed in. If the answer is correct, it types back "Right!", and a new problem. If the answer is wrong, it replies "What?", and waits for another answer. Every twenty problems, it publishes statis- tics on correctness and the time required to answer. To quit the program, type an interrupt (delete). The first optional argument determines the kind of problem to be generated; +-x/ respectively cause addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to be generated. One or more characters can be given; if more than one is given, the different types of problems will be mixed in random order; default is +- Range is a decimal number; all addends, subtrahends, differences, multiplicands, divisors, and quotients will be less than or equal to the value of range. Default range is 10. At the start, all numbers less than or equal to range are equally likely to appear. If the respondent makes a mistake, the numbers in the problem which was missed become more likely to reappear. As a matter of educational philosophy, the program will not give correct answers, since the learner should, in principle, be able to calcu- late them. Thus the program is intended to provide drill for someone just past the first learning stage, not to teach number facts de novo. For almost all users, the relevant statistic should be time per problem, not percent correct. ARITHMETIC(6)
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