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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for wscons.conf (netbsd section 5)

WSCONS.CONF(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			   WSCONS.CONF(5)

     wscons.conf -- workstation console config file


     The wscons.conf file defines parameters regarding to the workstation console (wscons).  The
     file consists of lines starting with a keyword, and one or more arguments.  Empty lines and
     lines starting with a hash (``#'') are ignored.

     This configuration file is used by the /etc/rc.d/wscons script which parses /etc/wscons.conf
     and runs wsconscfg(8), wsconsctl(8), and/or wsfontload(8) as configured.  See rc.conf(5) for
     details on enabling the rc.d script.

     The following keywords and arguments are recognized:

     font name width height enc file
	       Used to load a font via wsfontload(8).  name gives a font name that can be used
	       later, width can be used to specify the width of a font character in pixel, height
	       is the same, just for the font characters' height.  enc is used to declare the
	       font's encoding, see the description on wsfontload(8)'s -e option for more detail.
	       file gives the absolute path to the font file.  See wsfontload(8) for more infor-

     screen idx scr emul
	       Add and configure virtual console number idx using a screen type of scr (e.g.
	       80x25) and a emul terminal emulation (e.g. vt100). See wsconscfg(8) for further
	       parameter description.

     keyboard kbd
	       Attach and configure keyboard kbd using ``wsconscfg -k''.  If kbd is '-' or
	       'auto', the first free keyboard will be used.  See wsconscfg(8) for more informa-

     encoding enc
	       Set the keyboard map to the given language code enc, using ``wsconsctl -w
	       encoding=enc''.	The map must be supported by the keyboard driver in use and must
	       be compiled into the kernel.  See the keyboard driver's manpage (e.g., pckbd(4),
	       ukbd(4)) for details.

     mapfile file
	       Parses the contents of file, which contains a keyboard map per line, and calls
	       ``wsconsctl -w map+='' for each line.  See wsconsctl(8) for details.

     mux idx   Used to attach and configure keyboard/mouse multiplexors, using ``wsconscfg -m
	       idx''.  See wsconscfg(8) for more information.

     setvar dev var val
	       Set arbitrary wscons variable var to value val for specified control device dev.
	       Can be used for direct modification of wscons(4) variables, when no other keywords
	       are suitable.  See wsconsctl(8) for more information.

     Command arguments can be specified as ``-'' which makes default values come into effect as
     described in the documentation of the utilities.


     wscons(4), wsconscfg(8), wsconsctl(8), wsfontload(8)

BSD					November 22, 2008				      BSD

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