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SERVICES(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			      SERVICES(5)

     services -- service name data base

     The services file contains information regarding the known services available in the DARPA
     Internet.	For each service a single line should be present with the following information:

	   official service name
	   port number
	   protocol name

     Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or tab characters.  The port number and pro-
     tocol name are considered a single item; a slash (``/'') is used to separate the port and
     protocol (e.g.  ``512/tcp'').  A hash (``#'') indicates the beginning of a comment; subse-
     quent characters up to the end of the line are not interpreted by the routines which search
     the file.

     Service names may contain any printable character other than a field delimiter, newline, or
     comment character.

     The database in /var/db/services.db needs to be updated with services_mkdb(8) after changes
     to the services file have been applied.

     /etc/services  The services file resides in /etc.

     getservent(3), services_mkdb(8)

     The services file format appeared in 4.2BSD.

     A name server should be used instead of a static file.

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