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services(5) [netbsd man page]

SERVICES(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual						       SERVICES(5)

services -- service name data base DESCRIPTION
The services file contains information regarding the known services available in the DARPA Internet. For each service a single line should be present with the following information: official service name port number protocol name aliases Items are separated by any number of blanks and/or tab characters. The port number and protocol name are considered a single item; a slash (``/'') is used to separate the port and protocol (e.g. ``512/tcp''). A hash (``#'') indicates the beginning of a comment; subsequent char- acters up to the end of the line are not interpreted by the routines which search the file. Service names may contain any printable character other than a field delimiter, newline, or comment character. The database in /var/db/services.db needs to be updated with services_mkdb(8) after changes to the services file have been applied. FILES
/etc/services The services file resides in /etc. SEE ALSO
getservent(3), services_mkdb(8) HISTORY
The services file format appeared in 4.2BSD. BUGS
A name server should be used instead of a static file. BSD
June 19, 2007 BSD

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services(4)							   File Formats 						       services(4)

services - Internet services and aliases SYNOPSIS
/etc/inet/services /etc/services DESCRIPTION
The services file is a local source of information regarding each service available through the Internet. The services file can be used in conjunction with or instead of other services sources, including the NIS maps "services.byname" and the NIS+ table "services." Programs use the getservbyname(3SOCKET) routines to access this information. The services file contains an entry for each service. Each entry has the form: service-name port/protocol aliases service-name This is the official Internet service name. port/protocol This field is composed of the port number and protocol through which the service is provided, for instance, 512/tcp. aliases This is a list of alternate names by which the service might be requested. Fields can be separated by any number of SPACE and/or TAB characters. A number sign (#) indicates the beginning of a comment; any charac- ters that follow the comment character up to the end of the line are not interpreted by routines which search the file. Service names may contain any printable character other than a field delimiter, a NEWLINE, or a comment character. Any changes to a port assignment do not affect the actual port registration of the service. FILES
/etc/nsswitch.conf configuration file for name-service switch SEE ALSO
getservbyname(3SOCKET), inetd.conf(4), nsswitch.conf(4) NOTES
/etc/inet/services is the official SVR4 name of the services file. The symbolic link /etc/services exists for BSD compatibility. SunOS 5.10 12 Oct 2000 services(4)
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