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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for isdnd.rates (netbsd section 5)

ISDND.RATES(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			   ISDND.RATES(5)

     isdnd.rates -- isdn4bsd ISDN management daemon rates description file

     The file isdnd.rates contains descriptions how long charging units last at a given time of
     day, day of week and the distance to the destination.  If this file is available, this
     information may be used by the isdnd(8) ISDN connection management daemon to calculate the
     short hold time for a connection.

     The format of a rate entry line is as follows:

     The first field, the (rate-code) defines a collection of rates (for each day of the week)
     which can be referenced in the isdnd(8) configuration file isdnd.rc(5).  This field must
     start with the identifier ``ra'' followed by a digit in the range of zero to four.

     The second field, the (day-number) selects the day of week for which this entry defines the
     rates, where 0 stands for Sunday, 1 for Monday and so on until the digit 6 which stands for

     The rest of the line consists of one or more space separated fields which have the following


     Start_hour and start_minutes define the begin of a time section and end_hour and end_minutes
     define the end.  Charge_unit_length define the length of a charging unit in the previously
     defined time section.  No spaces or tabs are allowed inside this field.  The hour and min-
     utes specifications MUST have exactly 2 digits, in case just one digit is needed, a leading
     0 must be used.

     For example,


     defines, that between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM the length of one charging unit lasts 90 seconds.

     /etc/isdn/isdnd.rates  The default rates specification file for the isdnd ISDN daemon.

     The line:

     ra0 0 00.00-05.00:240 05.00-21.00:150 21.00-24.00:240

     defines the unit lengths for a Sunday.

     isdnd.rc(5), isdnd(8)

     The rates subsystem for the isdnd(8) daemon to which isdnd.rates belongs was designed and
     written by Gary Jennejohn.

     The isdnd(8) daemon and this manual page were written by
     Hellmuth Michaelis <hm@kts.org>.

BSD					September 11, 1998				      BSD

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