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IFALIASES(5)			     BSD File Formats Manual			     IFALIASES(5)

     ifaliases -- interface aliases file

     The ifaliases file specifies the additional addresses (aliases) that each interface has.
     ifaliases is processed by /etc/rc.d/network at system boot time.

     Each line of the file is of the form:
	   address interface [netmask]

     The address is a network address of the alias.  This must be a number, or must be in
     /etc/hosts, since the nameserver is not running at this point.

     The interface is the network interface the alias will be configured on.

     The netmask is the netmask of the alias' network address.	Although this is optional, omit-
     ting the netmask is discouraged.  Omission results in the use of the classful netmask asso-
     ciated with address.

     /etc/ifaliases, /etc/rc.d/network

     The ifaliases file appeared in NetBSD 1.2.

     ifaliases assumes IPv4, and does not support other protocol families.  Please check
     rc.conf(5) for alternatives like /etc/ifconfig.xxN.

BSD					November 17, 2000				      BSD
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