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FORWARD(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual							FORWARD(5)

forward -- mail forwarding instructions DESCRIPTION
The .forward file contains a list of mail addresses or programs that the user's mail should be redirected to. If the file is not present, then no mail forwarding will be done. Mail may also be forwarded as the standard input to a program by prefixing the line with the normal shell pipe symbol (|). If arguments are to be passed to the command, then the entire line should be enclosed in quotes. For security rea- sons, the .forward file must be owned by the user the mail is being sent to, or by root, and the user's shell must be listed in /etc/shells. For example, if a .forward file contained the following lines: "|/usr/bin/vacation nobody" Mail would be forwarded to <> and to the program /usr/bin/vacation with the single argument nobody. If a local user address is prefixed with a backslash character, mail is delivered directly to the user's mail spool file, bypassing further redirection. For example, if user chris had a .forward file containing the following lines: chris@otherhost chris One copy of mail would be forwarded to chris@otherhost and another copy would be retained as mail for local user chris. FILES
$HOME/.forward The user's forwarding instructions. SEE ALSO
aliases(5), mailaddr(7), sendmail(8) BSD
July 2, 1996 BSD

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forward(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							forward(4)

forward - forward mail SYNOPSIS
/var/adm/forward/username $HOME/.forward DESCRIPTION
The .forward file allows a user to forward messages to another host, or to invoke programs (such as vacation(1)) to process their mail. It is formatted as a series of comma-separated addresses in the form: addr_1, addr_2, ... Alternatively, each address can be on a separate line. The newer sendmail.v8 program also allows the use of comments (lines that begin with a ``#'') and blank lines. As with the aliases(4) file, mail messages can be forwarded to another host or given to programs for further processing. The following is an example of the vacation program. Assuming that the user's name is myra, create a .forward file and add the following line: myra, "|/usr/bin/vacation myra" The previous example forwards mail to myra (the backslash prevents an accidental aliasing loop), and also sends a copy of the message to the vacation program. For security reasons, the file must be owned by the user or by root and it should be writable only by the file owner. In addition, the file must be readable by the owner (myra) or root. On traditional systems, only the $HOME/.forward file is checked. The sendmail.v8 program allows the use of the system-wide forwarding directory /var/adm/forward. By default, this directory is checked for a forward file prior to examining the users $HOME directory. FILES
System-wide forwarding file. The per-user forwarding file. RESTRICTIONS
The sendmail command can hang trying to read the user's $HOME/.forward file. If the user's home directory is NFS-mounted and temporarily unavailable, sendmail will stall until the directory becomes available again. The use of non-NFS mounted directories for the forwarding of files is recommended. The use of /var/adm/forward is supported only by sendmail.v8. The actual path for /var/adm/forward is configurable in the file. Incorrect file permissions/ownership are quietly ignored. It is easy to create an accidental loop, for example, on host_a myra@host_b and on host_b myra@host_a RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: aliases(4),, sendmail(8) delim off forward(4)
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