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WSS(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    WSS(4)

wss -- Windows Sound System hardware audio driver SYNOPSIS
wss0 at isa? port 0x530 irq 10 drq 0 drq2 1 wss0 at isa? port 0x530 irq 10 drq 0 flags 1 wss* at acpi? wss* at isapnp? wss* at pnpbios? index ? audio* at audiobus? opl* at wss? DESCRIPTION
The wss driver supports Microsoft's Windows Sound System, the MAD16 chip based hardware, and their clones. The base I/O port is set by a jumper on the board; valid choices are 0x530, 0x604, 0xE80, or 0xF40. Both IRQ and DMA channels are software programmable. The IRQ may be set to 7, 9, 10, or 11, and the DMA channel may be set to 0, 1, or 3. The device flags must have bit 0 (value 1) set to enable the MAD16 support. This is to avoid potential conflicts with other devices when probing the MAD16 because it requires use of extra I/O ports not in the base port range. Chips needing this flag include the OPTi 82C928, 82C929, 82C831, and the OAK OTI-601D. Setting bit 1 (value 2) in flags disables the joystick port on MAD16 hardware. SEE ALSO
acpi(4), audio(4), isa(4), isapnp(4), joy(4), opl(4), pnpbios(4) BSD
June 22, 2005 BSD

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ESS(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    ESS(4)

ess -- ESS Technology AudioDrive family audio device driver SYNOPSIS
ess* at isapnp? ess* at pnpbios? index ? ess* at ofisa? audio* at audiobus? opl* at ess? DESCRIPTION
The ess driver provides support for the ESS 1788, 1888, 1887, and 888 AudioDrive audio devices. The AudioDrive 1788 is a half-duplex device, while the 1888, 1887, and 888 are full-duplex. All are capable of 8- and 16-bit audio sample recording and playback at rates up to 44.1kHz. The AudioDrive takes 16 I/O ports. The I/O port range, IRQ, and DRQ channels are set by the driver to the values specified in the configura- tion file (or for isapnp, pnpbios, or ofisa, the values assigned from the firmware). The I/O port base must be one of 0x220, 0x230, 0x240, 0x250. The IRQ must be one of 5, 7, 9, 10 (or 15 on the 1887 only). The first DRQ channel must be selected from 0, 1, 3. The second DRQ chan- nel (used for playback by the full-duplex 1888/1887, ignored by the 1788) can additionally be set to 5. If both DRQ channels are used they must be different. The joystick interface (if enabled) is handled by the joy(4) driver. SEE ALSO
audio(4), isapnp(4), joy(4), ofisa(4), opl(4), pnpbios(4) HISTORY
The ess device driver appeared in NetBSD 1.4. BUGS
The AudioDrive devices have a SoundBlaster compatibility mode, and may be detected by the SoundBlaster driver (see sb(4)) rather than the AudioDrive driver. The workaround is to remove the SoundBlaster driver from the kernel configuration. BSD
June 22, 2005 BSD
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