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SPI(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   SPI(4)

     spi -- introduction to machine-independent SPI bus support and drivers

     spi* at mainbus?

     Other attachments are machine-dependent and will depend on the bus topology of your system.
     See intro(4) for your system for more information.

     NetBSD includes a machine dependent SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) bus subsystem, and
     several different machine-independent SPI device drivers.

     Your system may support additional machine-dependent SPI devices.	Consult your system's
     intro(4) for additional information.

     SPI is a 4-wire synchronous full-duplex serial bus.  Some systems provide support for
     Microwire, which is Philips' name for a strict subset of SPI, with more rigidly defined sig-
     naling.  Therefore, Microwire devices are also supported by the SPI framework.

     Note that when referencing SPI devices in a config(1) file, the 'slave' must be provided, as
     SPI lacks any way to automatically probe devices.

     NetBSD includes the following machine-independent SPI drivers

	   m25p       STMicroelectronics M25P family of NOR flash devices.

	   tm121temp  Texas Instruments TMP121 temperature sensor.

     m25p(4), tm121temp(4)

     The machine-independent SPI framework was written by Garrett D'Amore for the Champaign-
     Urbana Community Wireless Network Project (CUWiN), and appeared in NetBSD 4.0.

BSD					 October 9, 2006				      BSD
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