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SEA(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SEA(4)

sea -- Seagate/Future Domain ISA SCSI adapter card driver SYNOPSIS
sea0 at isa? iomem 0xc8000 irq 5 scsibus* at sea? DESCRIPTION
The sea driver provides support for the following SCSI controllers on ISA bus boards: ST01/02 Future Domain TMC-885 Future Domain TMC-950 SEE ALSO
cd(4), ch(4), intro(4), scsi(4), sd(4), st(4) BSD
November 29, 1994 BSD

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TRM(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    TRM(4)

trm -- Tekram TRM-S1040 ASIC based PCI SCSI host adapter driver SYNOPSIS
trm* at pci? dev ? function ? scsibus* at trm? DESCRIPTION
The trm driver supports PCI SCSI host adapters based on the Tekram TRM-S1040 SCSI ASIC. HARDWARE
Supported SCSI controllers include: Tekram DC-315 PCI Ultra SCSI adapter without flash BIOS and internal SCSI connector Tekram DC-315U PCI Ultra SCSI adapter without flash BIOS Tekram DC-395U PCI Ultra SCSI adapter with flash BIOS Tekram DC-395UW PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS Tekram DC-395F PCI Ultra-Wide SCSI adapter with flash BIOS and 68-pin external SCSI connector For Tekram DC-390 PCI SCSI host adapter, use pcscp(4) driver. For Tekram DC-310/U and DC-390U/UW/F PCI SCSI host adapters, use siop(4) driver. SEE ALSO
cd(4), ch(4), intro(4), pci(4), scsi(4), sd(4), ss(4), st(4), uk(4), scsipi(9) AUTHORS
The trm driver was originally written for NetBSD 1.4/i386 by Erich Chen of Tekram Technology, and Rui-Xiang Guo rewrote the driver to use bus_space(9) and bus_dma(9) for NetBSD 1.6. BSD
November 6, 2001 BSD
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