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SE(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     SE(4)

se -- Cabletron EA41x SCSI bus Ethernet interface driver SYNOPSIS
se* at scsibus? target ? lun ? DESCRIPTION
The se driver supports the Cabletron EA41x SCSI bus Ethernet interface. This driver is a bit unusual. It must look like a network interface and it must also appear to be a SCSI device to the SCSI system. In addition, to facilitate SCSI commands issued by userland programs, there are open(), close(), and ioctl() entry points. This allows a user program to, for example, display the EA41x statistic and download new code into the adaptor - functions which can't be performed through the ifconfig(8) interface. Normal operation does not require any special userland program. SEE ALSO
scsi(4), ifconfig(8) AUTHORS
Ian Dall <> Acknowledgement: Thanks are due to Philip L. Budne <> who reverse engineered the EA41x. In developing this code, Phil's user- land daemon "etherd", was referred to extensively in lieu of accurate documentation for the device. BUGS
The EA41x doesn't conform to the SCSI specification in much at all. About the only standard command supported is "inquiry". Most commands are 6 bytes long, but the recv data is only 1 byte. Data must be received by periodically polling the device with the recv command. BSD
February 3, 1997 BSD

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PT(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						     PT(4)

pt -- SCSI processor type driver SYNOPSIS
The pt driver provides support for a SCSI processor type device. These are usually scanners and other devices using the SCSI link as a com- munication interface with device specific commands embedded in the data stream. A SCSI adapter must be separately configured into the system before this driver can be used. This device supports read(2) and write(2), and the ioctl(2) calls described below. IOCTLS
The following ioctl(2) calls are supported by the pt driver. They are defined in the header file <sys/ptio.h>. PTIOCGETTIMEOUT This ioctl allows userland applications to fetch the current pt driver read and write timeout. The value returned is in seconds. PTIOCSETTIMEOUT This ioctl allows userland applications to set the current pt driver read and write timeouts. The value should be in sec- onds. FILES
/dev/ptN the Nth processor device. SEE ALSO
cam(4) HISTORY
The pt driver appeared in FreeBSD 2.1. BSD
March 2, 1995 BSD
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