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PAD(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    PAD(4)

pad -- Pseudo audio device driver SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device pad audio* at audiobus? DESCRIPTION
pad is a pseudo-device driver which provides support for feeding back PCM data from a consumer of the audio(4) API to userland. FILES
The pad pseudo-device driver receives data from /dev/soundN and feeds the raw PCM output to /dev/padN. /dev/soundN /dev/padN EXAMPLES
The following example streams an MP3 to an Apple AirTunes compatible device: $ rtunes - < /dev/pad0 & $ mpg123 -a /dev/sound1 mozart.mp3 SEE ALSO
audio(4) HISTORY
The pad driver appeared in NetBSD 5.0. AUTHORS
Jared D. McNeill <> BSD
November 11, 2007 BSD

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AUDIOCTL(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       AUDIOCTL(1)

audioctl -- control audio device SYNOPSIS
audioctl [-d device] [-n] -a audioctl [-d device] [-n] name ... audioctl [-d device] [-n] -w name=value ... DESCRIPTION
The audioctl command displays or sets various audio system driver variables. If a list of variables is present on the command line, then audioctl prints the current value of those variables for the specified device. If the -a flag is specified, all variables for the device are printed. If the -w flag is specified audioctl attempts to set the specified variables to the given values. The -d flag can be used to give an alternative audio control device, the default is /dev/audioctl0. The -n flag suppresses printing of the variable name. ENVIRONMENT
AUDIOCTLDEVICE the audio control device to use. FILES
/dev/audio0 audio I/O device (resets on open) /dev/audioctl0 audio control device /dev/sound0 audio I/O device (does not reset on open) EXAMPLES
To set the playing sampling rate to 11025, you can use audioctl -w play.sample_rate=11025 To set all of the play parameters for CD-quality audio, you can use audioctl -w play=44100,2,16,slinear_le Note that many of the variables that can be inspected and changed with audioctl are reset when /dev/audio0 is opened. This can be circum- vented by using /dev/sound0 instead. COMPATIBILITY
The old -f flag is still supported. This support will be removed eventually. SEE ALSO
audioplay(1), audiorecord(1), mixerctl(1), audio(4), sysctl(8) HISTORY
The audioctl command first appeared in NetBSD 1.3. BSD
January 27, 2002 BSD
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