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IRFRAME(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		       IRFRAME(4)

     irframe -- IrDA frame level driver

     irframe* at oboe?
     irframe* at uirda?
     irframe* at ustir?
     pseudo-device irframetty

     #include <dev/irdaio.h>

     The irframe driver provides support for IrDA frame level transmission.  It does not contain
     the IrDA protocol stack per se, but the stack can be built on top of the irframe driver.

     Access to frames is via the read(2) and write(2) system calls.  Each write constitutes one
     frame, and each read yields one frame.  The poll(2) system call can be used to check for
     availability of frames.  There are also a number of ioctl(2) calls to manipulate the device:

	     Reset the parameters set by IRDA_SET_PARAMS.

     IRDA_SET_PARAMS (struct irda_params)
	     Set the speed, extra beginning of frame bytes, and maximum frame size.

	     Get the set of allowable speeds.

	     Get the set of allowable turn around times.

     cir(4), irframetty(4), oboe(4), uirda(4), ustir(4)

     comms/birda package

     The irframe driver appeared in NetBSD 1.6.

BSD					 December 2, 2001				      BSD
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