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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for ippp (netbsd section 4)

IPPP(4) 			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			  IPPP(4)

     ippp -- ISDN synchronous PPP network driver

     pseudo-device ippp count

     The ippp driver interfaces the IP subsystem of the operating system with the ISDN layer so
     that a transport of IP packets over an ISDN link is possible.

     For configuration of the ippp driver, either the ipppctl(8) utility is used or it is config-
     ured via isdnd(8) and its associated isdnd.rc(5) file.

     In case an IP packet for a remote side arrives in the driver and no connection is estab-
     lished yet, the driver communicates with the isdnd(8) daemon to establish a connection.

     The driver has support for interfacing to the bpf(4) subsystem for using tcpdump(8) with the
     ippp interfaces.

     The ipppctl(8) utility is used to configure all aspects of PPP required to connect to a
     remote site.

   LINK0 and LINK1
     The link0 and link1 flags given as parameters to ifconfig(8) have the following meaning for
     the ippp devices:

     link0  Wait passively for connection.  The administrative Open event to the Link Control
	    Protocol (LCP) layer will be delayed until after the lower layers signal an Up event
	    (rise of ``carrier'').  This can be used by lower layers to support a dial-in connec-
	    tion where the physical layer isn't available immediately at startup, but only after
	    some external event arrives.  Receipt of a Down event from the lower layer will not
	    take the interface completely down in this case.

     link1  Dial-on-demand mode.  The administrative Open event to the LCP layer will be delayed
	    until either an outbound network packet arrives, or until the lower layer signals an
	    Up event, indicating an inbound connection.  As with passive mode, receipt of a Down
	    event (loss of carrier) will not automatically take the interface down, thus it
	    remains available for further connections.

     The link0 flag is set to off by default, the link1 flag to on.

     bpf(4), isdnd.rc(5), ipppctl(8), isdnd(8), tcpdump(8)

     The ippp device driver was written by Joerg Wunsch <joerg@freebsd.org> and then added to
     ISDN4BSD by Gary Jennejohn <gary@freebsd.org>.

     This man page was written by Hellmuth Michaelis <hm@kts.org>.

BSD					 August 31, 2000				      BSD

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