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INTERSIL7170(4) 		   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		  INTERSIL7170(4)

     intersil7170 -- Intersil ICM7170 time-of-day clock driver

     #include <dev/ic/intersil7170reg.h>
     #include <dev/ic/intersil7170var.h>
     define intersil7170
     file   dev/ic/intersil7170.c    intersil7170

     The intersil7170 driver provides access to the Intersil ICM7170 time-of-day clock chip.
     Access methods to retrieve and set date and time are provided through the TODR interface
     defined in todr(9).

     To tie an instance of this device to the system, use the intersil7170_attach() function and
     the intersil7170_softc structure defined as follows:

     void intersil7170_attach(struct intersil7170_softc *)

     struct intersil7170_softc {
	     struct device   sc_dev;
	     bus_space_tag_t sc_bst;
	     bus_space_handle_t sc_bsh;
	     struct todr_chip_handle sc_handle;
	     u_int	     sc_year0;
	     u_int	     sc_flag;


	   bus_handle	 Specify bus space access to the chip's non-volatile memory (including
			 the clock registers).

	   sc_handle	 TODR handle passed to the todr_attach() function to register todr(9)

	   sc_year0	 The actual year represented by the clock's 'year' counter.  This is gen-
			 erally dependent on the system configuration in which the clock device
			 is mounted.  For instance, on Sun Microsystems machines the convention
			 is to have clock's two-digit year represent the year 1968.

	   sc_flag	 This flag is used to specify machine-dependent features.

     Note that if the resulting date retrieved with the todr_gettime() method is earlier that
     January 1, 1970, the driver will assume that the chip's year counter actually represents a
     year in the 21st century.	This behaviour can be overridden by setting the
     INTERSIL7170_NO_CENT_ADJUST flag in sc_flag.

     intro(4), todr(9)

     The intersil7170 driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

     The intersil7170 driver was written by Paul Kranenburg <pk@NetBSD.org>.

BSD					 October 1, 2006				      BSD
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