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HPACEL(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						 HPACEL(4)

hpacel -- HP 3D DriveGuard accelerometer SYNOPSIS
hpacel* at acpi? DESCRIPTION
The hpacel device driver supports accelerometers that are commonly available in Hewlett-Packard laptops. The supported chip is LIS3LV02DL from STMicroelectronics, although other chips from the same family, such as LIS3LV02DQ, may also work, provided that the vendor has imple- mented suitable ACPI access methods. The hpacel driver reports the acceleration readings of the X-, Y-, and Z-axis via the envsys(4) API and the envstat(8) command. SEE ALSO
acpi(4), aps(4), hpqlb(4), wmihp(4) STMicroelectronics, LIS3LV02DL: 3-Axis - +-2g/+-6g digital output low voltage linear accelerometer. AN2381 Application Note, Revision 1,, June, 2006. HISTORY
The hpacel device driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0. AUTHORS
Jukka Ruohonen <> BUGS
The used accelerometer chip is capable of generating wake-up, direction detection, and free-fall interrupts. In the ideal situation these could be used to evoke possible emergency action. However, the hpacel driver only reports the readings from the accelerometer via sysmon_envsys(9). BSD
September 7, 2011 BSD

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ACPIWMI(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						ACPIWMI(4)

acpiwmi -- Windows Management Instrumentation support for ACPI SYNOPSIS
acpiwmi* at acpi? acpiwmibus* at acpiwmi? wmidell* at acpiwmibus? wmieeepc* at acpiwmibus? wmihp* at acpiwmibus? wmimsi* at acpiwmibus? DESCRIPTION
The acpiwmi device driver provides an ACPI interface for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The ACPI WMI interface is typically used to support vendor specific features found in various laptops. The following WMI mappings are supported: wmidell Dell laptops wmieeepc Some models of Asus Eee PC wmihp Hewlett-Packard laptops wmimsi MSI laptops The functionality varies from vendor to vendor. Typically the interface is used for function and hotkey handling, but additional features may be present. SEE ALSO
acpi(4), acpidalb(4) Microsoft Corporation, Windows Instrumentation: WMI and ACPI,, December 4, 2001. HISTORY
The acpiwmi device driver appeared in NetBSD 6.0. AUTHORS
Jukka Ruohonen <> wrote acpiwmi and most of the mappings. CAVEATS
While WMI should provide a certain degree of portability across laptop models from a particular vendor, there is no guarantee that the map- pings are functional in all models. The wmihp driver may conflict with hpqlb(4). BSD
February 16, 2011 BSD
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